About us

PR Stone Corp has specialized in stone products fabrication and installation. During this period we’ve done many commercial and residential projects. We completed project for fabricating and installing stone parts in all kitchens and baths in high-rise Midtown Manhattan buildings. We performed our work for L’Oreal, Ralph Loren, Deutsche Bank, just to name a few. Our experience guarantees the highest quality of all our products.

Our facility is conveniently located in Brooklyn, one block from BQE. Getting here from Manhattan takes only 15 minutes. Within couple of miles you can find many stone distributors which are one of the best known in NYC area. We are also certified fabricator for such surfaces as Caesar Stone, Ice Stone or Zodiaq.

Our professional staff is always ready to help you on any technical issue you may have during the process. We are equipped with the latest high-tech machinery we are able to meet the needs of the most demanding production, fabrication and installation.

WATERJET technology is a computerized cold cutting technology that can cut most materials into any two dimensional shape. Marble, granite, porcelain, ceramic, linoleum, sports flooring, vinyl, and all metals are excellent materials for the waterjet process.

Master JetSaw 3200

Waterjet allows for complex and difficult shapes, such as inside corners, notches, architectural and artistic shapes, to be cut with equal ease and with a high level of accuracy and precision.Anything that can be drawn on a computer can be cut by waterjet. Many materials like stone, porcelain, and stainless steel cannot economically be cut into complex shapes in Stone Gallery Product

Intermac Master 43 Twin CNC Stone Router

The extreme configurability of this machine makes it ideal for the most diverse work environments granting reliability and maximum respondence to the production needs. Thanks to the various aggregates and accessories and to the flexibility of the operating head it is a real multi-functional work centre able to carry out the most difficult and different processing, granting the best finishing quality of the product.

Laser Templator

Laser templator helps identify and provide the means to gather information on irregular and inappropriate job conditions and to accurately correct them or fabricate finished products to match. It sets a new standard in templating. It's not mechanical, it's not photography, its precision laser measuring in real time.